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Private Lenders and Real Estate Investors together transforming an industry. 

A better way for Private Lenders and Real Estate Investors to connect and succeed.


Loans for Rentals

New guidelines at B2R Finance have made qualifying easier than every before. We’re dedicated to helping you find faster, easier and smarter ways to free up equity, improve cash flow and buy more properties.


Transactional Funding is short term loans provided to real estate investors who are buying and selling houses.  The loan is used to close on the purchase of the home and it is pad back when the house is sold to a third party.

Loans for All

Get full funding for your Single Family, Multi-Family, and Commercial projects in as little as 7 days, across 44 states, with leverage up to 80%. Investors earn up to 12%.  Our offerings are a great opportunity to earn big.

Fix & Flip Funding

We’re committed to serving you and exist to help you succeed with each investment property that you undertake by mitigating risk, delivering exceptional customer service,  and aiding  you in impacting your world.


Our Mission

A Place for Private Lenders to Connect.

When we all come together we are transformed because our resources are exponentially amplified by our shared connections.


The idea of a trusted community where I have someone protecting me as a private lender makes it easier to lend.

Dave Pickron

Private Lender

Unlimited Access!  PLAA gave me access to lenders and knowledge I would never have gotten on my own.

Jemma Maxwell

Private Lender

Connect with Investors that are Actively Funding Deals and Interested in Your Business.

Janet Momar

Lending Business 

PLAA walked me through putting my lending packages together to present a professional presentation that got me multiple deals.

Shawn Phelps

Private Lender



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Want to find out more about PLAA?

What are the qualifications to be a member?  Do I need to be accredited?  What is PLAA’s role in my transactions?
The Answers to these and more can be found below.

After completing their search, the Borrower can send out up to a maximum of 3 funding invitations.  Lenders have 24 hours before the invitation expires to accept, decline, or ask for more information from the Borrower.

Zero, zip, nada . . . It’s a service we provide free of charge to anyone wanting to become a member of our real estate investor community and lend their money to our members.

Anyone who wants to make loans secured by real estate on non-owner occupied investment real estate.

  • By selling a limited amount of advertising and paid placement positioning to lenders who are willing to pay to enhance and get more benefits.  Just as Google sells advertising and displays some paid matches, along with the organic and uncompromised search results.
  • By charging select and best-of-category service providers and vendors (not lenders) for the opportunity to provide their products and services at a discount that many borrowers and lenders need and want.
  • By requiring all members to follow our zero tolerance standard of truthfulness and honesty in every aspect of the process whether they are a borrower or lender.
  • By promoting extensive criminal background checks and credit history checks for all parties.

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